Weddings are one of life's greatest moments and the beginning of a couple's family history.  It's kind of a big deal and certainly should be celebrated!  

I have a lot of fun photographing weddings and feel more like a guest with a camera.    I tend to laugh a lot and feed on the energy of the moment and I think it comes through in the photographs.

Every wedding is different.  Some are formal and some are more like a Frat / Sorority party.  As a photographer I am along for the ride and seriously enjoy every moment.

I don’t care about your politics, your skin color, your religion, body shape, nationality, age, or sexual orientation.  Love is a human right and weddings are an important part of the human experience.  

About Us 

Hulse Photography is Justin and Julie Hulse.  I (Justin) am the lead photographer and Julie is the person behind the scenes making things run smoothly.  We don't have a crew of part-time photographers working for us and we don't outsource the editing.  That means that if you like what you see here then you can expect the same quality images for your wedding. 

Before I discovered photography I was formally trained as an oil painter.  It taught me how to see light & composition and gave me an appreciation for color.   I believe it served as a foundation for my photography.  

I love the technical side of photography, especially manipulating light.  My heroes are Directors of Photography (film industry) and artists who REALLY see light and can translate it to a canvas.  While there are so many editing filters at my disposal, I tend to gravitate toward vibrant color and moody black and white.  

While I was in college, I was fortunate enough to apprentice under several of the most talented photographers in Orange County CA.  I also attended countless workshops and joined the Orange County chapter of the Professional Photographers of America where I served on the board of directors for several years before becoming President.   

Julie and I  moved our family to Temecula in 2005.  We were fortunate that the local wineries liked our work and they have kept us busy with weddings and promotional work ever since.  I have served on the board of directors for the Temecula Valley Wedding Professionals for the past 12 years and was given an honorary membership with the Temecula Valley Winegrower's Association.  I also do a lot of work with Temecula's Convention and Visitors Bureau (  

The Engagement Sessions

The Engagement Session is a trial run for your wedding and is highly recommended.  We'll have a consultation before your session to go over creative ideas.

We typically schedule our engagement sessions for 2+ hours.  That's enough time to get some pretty cool photos, along with plenty of time get to know each other.  

I'm not a fan of overly posed or stiff-looking photos.      

Very few of my clients have been photographed professionally so I'm used to giving plenty of direction.  I want you to feel comfortable enough that you will have fun and be yourselves!  That's when magic happens!  

Your Wedding 

Weddings are 85% candid and 15% posed.  While I give plenty of direction during the posed photos I still like photographing unscripted moments where you aren't always looking into the camera.

Weddings are emotional and fun and sexy and sometimes stressful.  I'll photograph all of it.  Of course I'll document lots of details and the venue, but my true focus really is capturing the beautiful (and sometimes complex) connections between your  family and friends.  

My job is to slip into an introvert role and photograph what I observe.  My finger is always on the shutter button and the camera is typically close to my face for most of the day.  And while I won't be dancing or drinking with you, it is a party and I will be enjoying myself.  

Family Portraits

Nobody looks forward to this part of weddings.   But let me assure you that we work quickly and efficiently.  We always start with the bride's side of the family, beginning with the large photo with the immediate family members on her side (plus the groom).  We'll photograph every important combination and dismiss family members to the cocktail hour as quickly as possible.  

Most family members comment at how 'that wasn't so bad.'

The Reception

Throw a little alcohol into the mix and the photography starts to get really fun.  We embrace misbehavior in every form and, as you'd expect, we'll photograph it.  

This is the time when a lot of photographers pack up their gear and go home.  Not us!    

If you've taken the time to check out our photos, you'll notice that we show a lot of Reception photos.  It is that time of the day when the expressions of love flow freely and everyone CELEBRATES.  It's definitely something that should be captured and remembered!  

After the Wedding

We've heard it a thousand times... you'll wake up the next morning and your wedding day will feel like a dream; you'll most likely only remember about 20%.  

While you are enjoying your honeymoon we will be hard at work editing your photos.  Your gallery will be ready to present within 10-14 days.  

Depending on how big your wedding is, we typically deliver around 1,100 photographs that tell the entire story of your wedding... from the very beginning, before you put on the dress, to the very end.  It WILL be a complete representation of your wedding day and something to be proud of.

We'll host the gallery for you for up to 10 years at no additional charge.  All images are full-resolution and print-ready.  You can share the gallery password with your family and friends if you would like or just keep it for yourselves.

Most of our clients have us create an album.  It's a collaborative effort!  

Most brides and grooms choose album photos themselves but the selection process can be overwhelming.  We're happy to assist you if needed.  

Album photographs are edited further, based on your style, and you will be given the opportunity to make changes along the design process, before it goes to print.  

Booking with Hulse Photography

If you like what you see here then we would love to hear from you.   We aren't sales people and won't pressure you to do anything you don't want to do.  

We require a $1000 retainer to save the date.  

Give us a call at 619.564.0102.

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