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Photography 101

Below is some information that we are very passionate about. It will help you understand the journey that you are about to take and hopefully get you excited about your photography experience.


When Julie and I first started photographing weddings, 18 years ago, it was easy; we'd drop our rolls of film off at the lab and they would process the images so they all looked good for our clients. Since digital took over, photography has improved tremendously but the time and effort it takes to deliver a quality photographs is substantial.


How great your wedding photos will be has just as much to do with you as it does with your photographer. Photography is a collaboration.



Developing a positive relationship with your photographer is very important. You will spend far more time with him/her than you will with any other vendor. Even after the wedding, we will work closely with you for up to six months to create your album.


And the more time you spend with us the better.  Consultations provide a great opportunity to look at albums and ask any remaining questions before signing the contract. But once the ice is broken and we get all the formalities out of the way, it starts to get fun.


The engagement session is key. It is almost two hours of shooting and talking. But also consider other photo sessions such as a Bridal Sessions and Rehersal Dinner coverage; these are all great opportunities for time in front of the camera.


The idea is to create an experience that translates to better photos. Truly, the more comfortable and confident you are with your photographer the happier you will be with your photos on the wedding day.


We work with a lot of destination wedding couples and understand that it is not always possible to meet when you are planning your wedding from out-of-state. If this is you then we encourage you to stop by the next time you are in town and at least meet for coffee at Starbucks before your wedding. Even a one hour meeting is helpful.



Please share your Pinterest favorites with us. We want to get to know your sense of style. If we see lots of sunflare photos in your favorites then we'll go our of our way to make sure you have that same look for your wedding. The same goes with Black and Whites or sepia or some other funky editing techniques.


Some brides want a really sexy approach. It can sometimes be an uncomfortable subject but it is good to know before the wedding and Pinterest helps us learn what you'd like. It's also good to know if you and your wedding party are conservative.



We are there to tell the story of your wedding day. We are 100% dedicated in both body and soul to doing a good job for you. There are MANY factors that go into it being successful. Being on time is HUGELY important. We give you a photography schedule and plan all of our shots based the hope that you and your wedding party have your hair and make-up ready. If everything goes as planned, we usually can photograph details, all bridesmaids photos, groomsmen photos, individual portraits of both bride and groom before the ceremony. Being late by even 10 minutes means that certain photos were not captured.


If you are concerned that you may not run on time then we suggest hiring a professional wedding coordinator who can crack the whip for you. She'll tactfully kick your bridesmaids in the ass if she needs to. Or she'll chew out the hair/make-up artist for you. All the ickey stuff that you don't want to handle on your wedding day.


We appreciate when our clients share your enthusiasm for photogrphy with your wedding party. There is a certain energy with a wedding and it all starts with the bride. If the bride is enjoying her day then everyone is happy. However, if the bride is stressing then we all share that stress. Good planning translates to a great wedding.


If you're enthusiastic about being photographed then all the posed photos will be fun. We feed off of your creativity and the relationship you have with your bridesmaids and groomsmen.


One piece of advice that I cannot overemphesize would be to please avoide mood-altering drugs such as pot or Xanix. It's not worth it. Have a couple glasses of champagne instead.



Not every photo will look like the stuff on our website; websites exist to show the world what the photographer is capable of.  For every one photos we show, there are typically 999 that we don't show.


We make the most of every moment in a wedding day and do our best to to make it appear AWESOME. Our philosophy is that there are only certain photos that are worthy to be seen. Expression is king. So if you have a querky look on your face or you don't look like you're enjoying the moment then you probably won't see that photo. We want your collection of photographs to be a euphoric representation of the day.


The fact is that our clients give us a ton to work with. All the emotion and small details that make each wedding unique are inspiring. The more thought and effort (and money) you put into your wedding day the more we have to work with. Uplighting and elaborate decor are very helpful. Enthusiastic bridesmaides and groomsmen are even more helpful.



Every one of your photographs is edited in Photoshop. We'll go from photo to photo and choose the keepers + make any necessary adjustments. This is the 'Soft-Edit' phase; we'll typically spend around 3-4 days of solid work for this portion of the job. Each image will look great on your computer monitor and will print nicely.


We typically deliver around 1200 photos. This number will vary depending on whether you have one photographer or three photographers. Photo booths and additional hours will also add to the number of photos you can expect.


What DOESN'T happen in the soft-edit phase is the Artistic/Cosmetic editing. That is a whole different animal and is something we only do for prints and album photos.


This phase brings out the true potential of an image is very labor intensive. We'll typically soften skin, remove acne scaring, reduce bags under the eyes, whiten the whites of the eyes, tuck in fat rolls, lift and re-shape, crop, accentuate highlights and shadows in clothing and background, saturate colors, add texture, remove unwanted elements, head-swaps, etc etc. We'll spend anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes on each photograph.


For as great as our cameras are, they don't give us perfect photos without some work.



Unfortunately, we live in a DIY society and there are very few people who invest in quality prints. Yes, you own the full res images from the wedding day and you can have them printed anywhere you'd like. These are the Soft-Edited images and they'll look great on your screen or printed.


The rule of thumb is, the larger you print your photos the more Photoshop they'll need.


We suggest that you come to us with your favorite 10-20 photos and have us work our magic on them. Our rate is $60 per hour, which is below the industry standard. You'll be happy you did.


Our Subjects

We sometimes get comments back that there weren't enough photos of a certain person. It is unfortunate but that is going to happen. At Hulse Photography, our #1 goal is to get plenty of photos of the bride and groom as well as capture the spirit of the event. The people who choose to not participate in the main festivities are going to be photographed least. If it is important to you that your loved ones get plenty of photos then pull them on the dance floor. Or make a point to spend extra time with them throughout the day. Insist that they be part of the 'getting ready' portion of the day. Also, it doesn't hurt to let your photographer know, day of, which people are important to you.